Develop your leaders in your organization with CAI's Catalyst Leadership Training Program
Develop the leaders in your organization

With CAI's Catalyst Leadership Training Program®, you will:

  • Equip your staff with critical skills
  • Build a leadership pipeline
  • Drive a performance culture
  • Prepare for development and growth
  • Empower teams to achieve your goals
  • Lead innovation and change
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Develop yourself as a leader with CAI's Catalyst Leadership Training Program
Become a strong and successful leader

With CAI's Catalyst Leadership Training Program®, you will:

  • Develop a leadership mindset
  • Become self-aware and self-regulated
  • Understand how to motivate others
  • Build effective teams
  • Learn to make sound decisions
  • Acquire the skills to be a catalyst for change
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Receive certification after completing CAI's Catalyst Leadership Training Program
Receive your Certificate in Leadership

iSQI Inc., the International Software Quality Institute, a leading provider of certification exams globally is the authorized examination institute for the Certificate in Leadership, available to candidates who have completed CAI's Catalyst Leadership Training Program®.

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Get recertified

Project Management Institute: Registered Education Provider
Students who successfully complete CAI's Catalyst Leadership Training Program® are eligible for 42 PDU and PHR credits.
HR Certification Institute
If you decide not to take the full program, and instead take individual courses, you are eligible for 6 PDU and PHR credits per course.

What people are saying

Photo of Amanda Slichter

"You cannot come out of this program without developing yourself in some way and becoming a better asset to your team. Catalyst not only teaches you leadership skills, it also improves your general behavior in the workplace."

Amanda Slichter, Assistant Director, Residence Life at Lehigh University