Becoming the Change Agent

Providing a vision of the future and a direction for getting there is one of the most important works of leadership. For any new vision to become a reality, change is required. As a leader you will be tasked with helping your people embrace change and transition to a new paradigm smoothly. This course focuses on the stages of organizational change, concerns people have about change, and the skills and competencies required of leaders who implement change.

The intent of this course is to help you:

  • Identify and explain the stages of change an organization must go through in order to change
  • Identify and explain the most common concerns that people have about change
  • Identify and explain the change factors that must be managed in order to effectively plan for change
  • Recognize the main obstacles that keep organizations from successfully implementing change initiatives
  • Understand the key skills and competencies required of leaders who are implementing change

With each one-year subscription you receive:

  • Online access to:
    — Lesson Assignments - articles and book excerpts
    — Personal Assessment & Application questions
    — Course Summary Presentations
    — Course Assessments

Upon successful completion of this course (a score of 75% or higher on the course assessment) you are eligible to receive:

  • 6 PDU credits from PMI, or
  • 6 PHR credits from HRCI