Focusing on the Human Dimension

The most valuable resource an organization has is its people. This course provides insights and suggestions for getting to know your people and understanding their basic needs, values, and strengths. When these needs are met, employees are more passionate about their work, become motivated and inspired to do their best, are increasingly loyal to your organization, and produce results that lead to the success of your organization.

The intent of this course is to help you learn:

  • How the work environment (climate) you create either motivates or demotivates your employees to partner with you and the organization
  • Why it’s important that you know your people and what makes them uniquely qualified (i.e., temperament, strengths, and what drives them)
  • How to help your people be successful individually and contribute to the success of the organization to achieve higher productivity and profits
  • How to create a climate that develops passion and motivates people
  • How to create loyalty and sustainability

With each one-year subscription you receive:

  • Online access to:
    — Lesson Assignments - articles and book excerpts
    — Personal Assessment & Application questions
    — Course Summary Presentations
    — Course Assessments

Upon successful completion of this course (a score of 75% or higher on the course assessment) you are eligible to receive:

  • 6 PDU credits from PMI, or
  • 6 PHR credits from HRCI