Understanding Who I Am

Research shows a positive correlation between the results of an organization and the emotional behavior of its managers and leaders. You can’t effectively lead and influence the emotions of others until you understand and are able to manage your own emotions. This course will help you learn more about your own personality traits and emotions, how they impact your organization, and what you can do to improve and strengthen those attributes that transform you into a more effective manager and leader.

The intent of this course is to help you:

  • Understand how the use of emotional intelligence can positively impact an organization
  • Identify your temperament and correlating behavioral tendencies
  • Identify your temperament and correlating behavioral tendencies
  • Identify your leadership and managerial behavioral tendencies
  • Understand how your style of interaction with others and the working environment that you shape impact others’ performance

With each one-year subscription you receive:

  • Online access to:
    — Lesson Assignments - articles and book excerpts
    — Personal Assessment & Application questions
    — Course Summary Presentations
    — Course Assessments
  • McQuaig Word Survey — an easy-to-complete assessment that evaluates behavior and underlying temperament in four key areas with the results provided to you in a comprehensive report.

Upon successful completion of this course (a score of 75% or higher on the course assessment) you are eligible to receive:

  • 6 PDU credits from PMI, or
  • 6 PHR credits from HRCI