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Are you prepared to lead?


In today's business environment, organizations need leaders with vision, critical business skills, and the ability to drive change. Are you prepared to be a leader who can impact your organization’s future success?
To become a strong leader, you first need to acquire the knowledge and core skills that will help you to become a confident, trusted and capable individual with the ability to overcome organizational challenges, build the right team, embrace change, and drive company performance.
Learning is a strategic, continuous activity that sharpens your skills and improves your capabilities.


CAI's Catalyst Leadership Training Program® provides you with the necessary tools and techniques that enable you to drive your personal growth and development as a leader.

Individuals who participant in CAI’s Catalyst Leadership Training Program® start by developing a better understanding of themselves – their motivations and leadership style – and then how to effectively work with and motivate others. You will learn how to build strong, collaborative teams, make good decisions and judgment calls, build alliances and relationships and lead change within your organization.